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I approach knowledge base articles with a UX approach because they solve issues with products or services. Customers should not be left to decipher highly technical content. Plus, they don’t have the time to sift through mountains of information. My approach to writing knowledge base articles is by focusing on a specific problem/solution and the audience.

XenApp - Slow logon issues

Project: UX and KB writing challenge
Description: I like to keep up with the writing trends. I also like to challenge myself by rewritting and reformatting KB articles. I learned how to write technical KB articles using an Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) format for both helpdesk professionals and customer self service.
Original: How to Troubleshoot Slow Logons on XenApp
Date of rewrite: January 10, 2020

Article # Product(s)
CTX101705 - XenDesktop 7.8
- XenDesktop 7.7
- XenDesktop 7.6 FP3
Profile issues
  1. For existing users, remove any references to a profile path from the the following:

    • Remote Desktop User
    • Profile path with in Active Directory (AD) users and computers, if applicable
    • Computer Management

    Tip! Create a local account directly on the Remote Desktop Server to ensure that the profile loads directly from the server. Retest the logon.

  2. For new user accounts, accounts without a local profile, and anonymous accounts need to generate a local profile upon logon. The creation of the original profile might take time. Make sure to verify if local copies of the user profiles are cached or deleted on logoff. If so, this slows down logons if they get deleted on logoff using a Microsoft Policy. The profile rebuilding on the server each time the user logs in slows down the logon.

  3. Is Citrix User Profile Management (UPM) being used to manage user profiles? If so, disable the service on one server and then retest. If the issue improves, look over your Citrix UPM policies because there might be a configuration causing the problem. To enable UPM logging, see CTX126723 - How to Enable and Retrieve Profile Management Log Files.

Logon script issues
  1. Remove any references to a logon script within:
    • Active Directory uses and computers
    • Computer Management
    • Any sore of computer or group policy.
  2. Create a local account directly on the Remote Desktop Server to ensure that the profile loads directly from the server. Retest the logon.
Network issues

The root cause that indicates a network issue are:

  • The Remote Desktop Server is searching for fonts by name and not finding them.
  • A user encounters a black screen for 1 to 20 minutes before the logon completes.
  • An application is searching for fonts (usually created by older apps). Occassonal occurance.

Steps for troubleshooting

  1. In the system Control Panel, click the Environment tab.
  2. In the System Variables section, click Path.
  3. At the bottom, in the Value field, add the following to the end of the string:
  4. Click Set.
Permissions issues

For the Citrix Receiver to function properly, the user requires Full permission on the following registry key:


General troubleshooting steps
  1. Is an antivirus product running on the client device? If so, disable it and retest the connection to the XenApp server.
  2. Is there a hung process? If so, terminate the process to see if this speeds up the logon process. Note. If it’s a third-party process, contact the vendor for assistance.
  3. Is Session Reliablity enabled? If so, disable it and see CTX104147 - Explaining ICA Session Reliability, Common Gateway Protocol, on TCP Port 2598 for more details.
  4. Is this for published applications? If so, then do the following:
    1. Investigate with the Delivery Services Console or Citrix AppCenter.
    2. Navigate to the Properties on the Application>Printing section and ensure that Start this application without waiting for printers to be created has been set as the default.

Routing error on outbound shipment

Project: Work-related; self-service KB article for manufacturing
Description: Written for the support desk professionals in a manufacturing environment.
Date of rewrite: January 8, 2019

Root cause



While confirming shipment, a routing error message displays.

Required information

Shipment number

  1. Change the auto assignment to your group or yourself.
  2. From the left nav pane, expand Beverages > Sales and Distribution > Shipping and Receiving.
  3. Select Work With Shipments.
  4. In QBE, do the following:
    1. Enter the shipment number.
    2. Type an asterisk for Branch/Plant.
    3. Click Find.
  5. Check the routing status:
    Does a 9 display and is the Promised ship date blank?

    1. To the left of the shipment, click the check box to select it.
    2. On the toolbar, click Row and then select Routing options.
      Note. If the A detail rate was not found error message displays, close the message.
    3. Very that the check box is still selected.
    4. On the toolbar, click Select and then click the Dates/Times tab.
    5. Re-enter the promised delivery date and time even if it's already populated.
    6. Click the Recalculate promised ship date and time check box to select it and click OK.
      Note. If the Promised ship date and time in past message displays, click OK.
    7. You can proceed to step 6.

    Is the Promised ship date populated?

        You can proceed to step 6.

  6. On the toolbar, click Row and then select Routing options.
  7. Select the route and click Select.
  8. Select the route again, and on the toolbar, click Select.

If the error still appears, try again or escalate to your team lead.